Drug Trials FAQ

Going through the drug trials FAQ for will give you a proper understanding regarding what the process is all about and how to volunteer for the same. We have put together this useful piece of information to serve your purpose.

What are the criteria for participating in these drug trials?

Every drug trial has guidelines regarding participation of volunteers with inclusion and exclusion criteria well defined for the activity. This important factor plays the crucial role of reproducing reliable results for the trial. Profile screening of participants and their subsequent registration is the step forward towards volunteer activities.

Do you get paid to participate in drug trials?

Most clinical research organisations or CRO’s will provide healthy payment for volunteers that widh to make a contribution to medical research. www.trials4us.co.uk is one such paid clinical trial provider.

How is a drug trial conducted by research organisations?

The drug trial team that comprises of medical professionals and support staff along with a group of volunteers performs certain tests to monitor whether the drug under consideration is behaving as expected or there are certain drawbacks that need to be rectified. The whole emphasis of any clinical trial is on safety and quality of the product under consideration.

Are volunteers for these trials required to give informed consent for the same?

Informed consent is extremely necessary since it is important under medical regulations that volunteers should be made aware of all possible details including safety or risk aspects of the test. This will allow volunteers to make an informed choice regarding participation in these tests.

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